Our unique and european solution for unpaid rents.

(Also works for Belgium, Luxembourg and netherlands)

No more unpaid rents with our unique method

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Send a bailiff without dealing with a judge

Up to 70 000€ refund in case of non payments

Real support of lawyers up to 20 000€ per litigation

Immediate efficiency

How does it work ?

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The lease, written by a notary is what we call in France an « authentic act »

Which means

That you own a title enforcing your tenant to respect their obligations (payment of the rent, problem of neighbourhood, etc …)

Without having to deal with a judge


Whenever a problem occurs with your tenant, you can bring the title to a bailiff in view of the prosecution and recovery of the sums due !

You benefit from our attractive rates of only 2% versus 3 to 4% usually.

The guarantee starts from the first unpaid month until the full amount is recovered by the bailiff, in the limit of 70.000 € per claim and provided that the monthly rent is no higher than 3.100 €.

You are protected against any conflict arising from the execution of the lease, also valid for a neighbourhood dispute, up to 20,000 €.

You can, in agreement with the insurer, choose your own lawyer

In the context of the legal protection contract, the lawyer acting as a mediator will seek a satisfactory agreement for both parties within a reasonable time.

To avoid lengthy and costly legal proceedings, he may, for example and with your agreement, negotiate the abandonment of all or part of the debt in exchange of the immediate departure of the tenant.

The notary Pack lease

An ultimate and inseparable alliance between : NOTARY, INSURANCE & LAWYER

In France 

Notarial lease – enforceable title

You will be in possession of a binding copy written by a Notary. It allows the respect of the obligations of your tenant (payment of the rent, problem of neighbourhood, etc …).


  • Unpaid rent guarantee:

Guarantee without deductible applying from the first due date.

Refund up to 70.000 € per claim.

  • Juridic protection :

You are guaranteed for any conflict arising from the execution of the lease (in the execution of the lease, also valid for a neighborhood dispute).
Reimbursement of legal costs up to 20.000 €

BENELUX countries

Common status: public officer and liberal profession
(Article 1 of the Organic Law)

_ »Officier public » (public officer)

act on the delegation of the State
authenticity of acts (certain date, probative force, enforceability)
retention of documents – also a registration system in case of transfer of ownership (on the French model) and compulsory execution
appointment: by the King (incumbent notary only) Minister of Justice (associate notary) / Grand Duke (on the basis of seniority) / on the proposal of the King (PB)
control by the public authority
jurisdiction limited to the 3: « Tribunal d’instance / arrondissement/ Tribunal de grande instance »

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